Welcome to the Green Intern


We connect education providers to organisations that need their help the most. We think that socially responsible internships create win-win-win situations and generate positive, physical and philosophical change - one student, one project, one challenge at a time, to make our world, and our back yard, a better place. If you are a socially responsible organisation, or an education provider with service learning, internship or work integrated learning programs, The Green Intern can help you find what you seek.

We match motivated students to socially responsible organisations with needs, challenges and ideas.

We work with organisations and education providers to make this as easy, as rewarding and as valuable as possible. 

The Green Intern – learning to make a difference.

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About The Green Intern

The Green Intern was established in 2009 to meet an increasing demand for real world experience from students and education providers and to assist not-for-profit organisations with much needed resourcing and support. Already in a short period of time, the Green Intern has facilitated hundreds of student internships and placements Australia wide, under formal ‘for credit’ arrangements with university and education provider partners, and for individual students and graduates seeking the advantage of an internship to improve their career prospects and compliment their academic achievement.

What do we provide?

The Green Intern is a practicum and intern placement provider, offering complete placement solutions and services for practicum, internship and work integrated learning programs. Our goals are driven by our partners. Our products and services are flexible and tailored to the needs of our clients. We provide curriculum driven placement programs for education providers, and provide the knowledge, skills and abilities required by not-for-profit and start up enterprises. If you need our assistance or a specific product developed, we can help you. For individuals, we can arrange a suitable practical experience to compliment their studies and prepare them for a future career in Australia.

Who are our clients and partners?

We work with a variety of groups and organisations, including Australian and international students, recent graduates, universities, private education providers and both corporate and not-for-profit organisations from government and industry. We specialise in cross-sector partnerships.

Why work with the Green Intern?

Our team has extensive experience in the education sector, complimented by additional expertise and experience in the financial, HR and not-for-profit sectors, so we understand firsthand the needs, concerns and expectations of our clients and partners. All of our placements are supported by an extensive suite of workplace culture, career planning and related individual and business development material, which is available online or can be delivered via face-to-face workshops.

Through our programs, students and graduates can experience firsthand how learning can make a real difference – for themselves as individuals and for the organisations they are helping. We provide a variety of programs tailored to our clients and partners’ needs and our hands-on service and support ensure a smooth transition for all placements and a hassle free, mutually beneficial service to all stakeholders. The Green Intern manages all aspects of our work placement programs, from joint curriculum design and delivery, quality checks of all applicants and organisations, placement ready workshops, program assessment, and program evaluations and feedback.

Benefits for Partners and Clients

Education Providers

  • We can tailor placements to your curriculum or organisational requirements.
  • Improve your overall student experiences, quality and outcomes.
  • Enhance your existing programs for increased industry relevance and demand.
  • Diversify your product with minimal cost, providing a key selling point and competitive advantage to attract new students.
  • Strengthen industry links and relationships.
  • Gain local recognition for your corporate social responsibility and support of community based Not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, and
  • Hassle free – we do all the work and manage the quality of the placements.

Students and Graduates

  • Enhance their individual study experience,
  • Gain valuable practical experience in an Australian workplace to complement their academic achievements,
  • Connect with and benefit the local community,
  • Develop local social and professional networks, and
  • Enhance their future career prospects.

Our Commitment

The Green Intern places emphasis on providing optimal client service to students, education providers and host organisations, to ensure our placement programs are mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. We will ensure that program participants are thoroughly prepared and realistic expectations are set for quality placements, and outcomes are documented for continuous feedback, measurement and improvement. We are responsive and flexible to your requirements, and can tailor programs to suit, and understand that your brand and reputation are integral to your success.